How much extra revenue can your warehouse generate?

Potential monthly revenue
If calculating by pallets, the revenue estimate includes warehouse rental revenue plus revenue from labor, transportation, and other related services. If calculating by square feet, the revenue estimate only includes warehouse rental revenue. Revenue estimates are provided for information purposes only.
  • Why List with Us?

    Renting out idle warehouse space is a simple and secure way to generate additional revenue for yourself. Our website is accessible to millions of warehouse users who are interested in renting warehouse space.

  • You Are in Control

    You are in full control of your listing. You decide your listing's dates of availability, pricing, rules, features, and services. You negotiate directly with the booking party to agree on terms of service. We assist only with payment collection.

How to Use Our Platform


Create Your Listing

Click“Get Started”on this page (please note you must have an account and be logged in to proceed).Fill in basic (address, contact, hours of operation, storage capacity, etc.), features (security systems, temperature control, manual services, etc.), and pricing info for your warehouse. Publish the listing, You determine all listing terms.


Agree on Terms of Service

Once a warehouse user books your warehouse through our platform, we will send you a booking notice with the user's contact information. Contact the requesting user offline to negotiate terms of service and pricing. Upload your service agreement to our platform via “Transactions” under “Warehouse Provider” in “My Account”.


Complete Service

Send invoice to the user via “Invoices” in “My Account” Monitor the invoice for payment. Once user makes payment, you will receive a notice in “Messages” and the funds will be deposited to your Wallet. You may begin service once you have received payment. Complete service. Leave a review of the user.


Platform Security

  • Free Insurance for Goods

    We offer free insurance of up to $100,000 for stored goods. In using our platform, warehouse users enjoy peace of mind knowing that their goods are insured.


    We offer an innovative payment system that allows warehouse users make deposits and installment payments on services. This eases burden of payment for warehouse users and reduces risk of non-collection for warehouse providers.

Frequently asked questions

Warehouse Provider

  • What is Share Warehouses?

    Share Warehouses is an online platform that allows warehouse providers to advertise their idle warehouse space to warehouse users. Many warehouse providers have leftover unused space due to seasonal and market fluctuations in demand. Share Warehouses allows providers to put such space to use and generate additional revenue for themselves. For an estimate of how much your warehouse can earn, click on Add Space and input your warehouse location and available space.

  • How do I list my warehouse?

    Listing your warehouse on our platform is quick and easy. Simply click on Add Space, then click on Get Started. You will be directed to our warehouse listing form, where you will be prompted to fill in basic warehouse information, features offered, pricing information, and availability. Once you publish your listing, the listing will be viewable by warehouse users.

  • What do I do after I receive a booking notice?

    When a party requests to book your warehouse, you will receive a notice in your Messages inbox in My Account. After you receive notice, the booking party will contact you to negotiate terms of service. Once a service agreement is reached, you will need to upload the agreement to our website by clicking on Transactions under Warehouse Provider in My Account. We will send you a message confirming receipt once we receive the agreement. You may initiate invoice(s) and begin service upon receiving the receipt confirmation. To initiate an invoice, click on Invoices under Warehouse Provider in My Account. You may initiate one invoice or multiple invoices, as needed; for your only or last invoice, please so indicate on the invoice initiation form. All payments are processed through our platform. We automatically deduct a 10% fee from all payments.

Our Platform

  • How do I edit my warehouse list?

    Click on Listings under Warehouse Provider in My Account. Click Edit or Delete for each listing, as needed.

  • How should I price my warehouse listing?

    Listing prices are entirely up to you. You may wish to search other comparable warehouses near your area to ensure your prices are competitive
    If some services are not displayed on the platform, you can agree on customers directly offline.

  • How do I cancel a warehouse booking?

    Booking requests may be cancelled before service agreement for that request is signed. This must be done by the warehouse user. After service agreement is signed and uploaded, the order cannot be cancelled unless unusual circumstances, determined by us in our sole discretion, are present.

  • How do I bid on warehouse service requests?

    Step 1—Choose a Bid Request

    Click “Submit Bids” under “Bidding.” Review the active bid requests. Click “Submit Bid” for the bid request you wish to bid on. Please note you must publish a warehouse listing on our platform before you will be authorized to submit a bid.

    Step 2—Submit your Bid

    Select the warehouse you wish to attach to your bid. Fill in the terms of the bid (you may offer some or all of the terms requested by the user). Click “Submit.”

    Step 3—Agree on Terms of Service and Pricing

    If your bid is unsuccessful, you will not receive further notice. If your bid is successful, the warehouse user will book your warehouse (via the regular booking process).

Lease Method
SWH Plus
Check this box to view only warehouses that meet our PLUS standard. Leave this box blank to view all warehouse listings. Our PLUS standard is determined based on our review of the warehouse's features, services, pricing, and availability.