Warehouse Users

  • What is Sharing warehouse?

    Share Warehouses is an online platform that allows warehouse users to find warehouse space that meets their shipping and storage needs. Traditional warehouse leases require long-term commitments that are ill-suited to today’s shipping and storage demands. Warehouse providers, meanwhile, often have leftover unused space due to seasonal and market fluctuations that can help meet such demands. Share Warehouses connects such providers with warehouse users across the world who are interested in renting their extra space.

  • What are the advantages of using Share Warehouses?

    Our platform offers several unique advantages:

    (1) Our platform connects warehouse users directly with warehouse providers. By allowing warehouse users to directly contact and negotiate with warehouse providers, we save warehouse users middleman fees and allow them to find the best solutions for their warehousing needs.

    (2) We provide an easy-to-use Self-Managed Payment System that allows warehouse users to conveniently and securely manage their orders and payments. This system allows for deposits and installment payments.

    (3) We provide a bidding system that allows warehouse users to solicit bids on service requests from warehouse providers. This innovative feature allows warehouse users to find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for their warehousing needs.

    (4) We provide free insurance for the stored goods of up to $100,000 per user per warehouse to warehouse users.

  • What does a typical transaction look like?

    Step 1—Find a Warehouse

    Click “Find Space.” Enter your search criteria (location, features, pallets vs. space, etc.). Click “Details” to select a warehouse.

    Step 2—Select a Warehouse

    Once you have decided on a warehouse, on the listing page, enter desired dates and # of pallets or square feet, then click “Book” (please note you must have an account and be logged in to proceed).

    Step 3—Book the Warehouse

    Agree to our Terms of Service, enter your contact information, and submit the booking request. You will be prompted to deposit at least $10 to your Wallet each time you submit a booking request,unless you have at least $100 in your Wallet. You will receive the warehouse’s contact information thereafter.

    Step 4—Agree on Terms of Service

    Contact the warehouse provider offline to negotiate terms of service and pricing. Once terms are agreed on, check “Billing” in “My Account” for invoice. Pay invoice promptly once received.

    Step 5—Complete Service

    You can view the transactions details in  “my account”. At the end of service, Leave a review of the user.

  • How do I book a warehouse?

    Click on Find Space and adjust the features you desire using the green toolbar. You will be shown a list of warehouse results. Click on Details for the warehouse that best suits your needs. Enter your dates of use and space required, agree to our terms of use, and fill in your contact information. To send your booking request, you must deposit $10 to your Self-Managed Payment (SMP) account. Your funds will not be spent by sending the request. You may bypass this step by keeping at least $100 in your SMP account.

  • What happens after I send a booking request?

    After you send the request, we will provide you the warehouse provider’s contact information. Please contact the provider to negotiate terms of service. Once you reach a service agreement, the warehouse provider must upload the agreement to our website. We will send you a receipt confirmation once we receive the agreement with details regarding insurance coverage for your goods. Service may commence at this point. The warehouse provider may require you pay an invoice prior to start of service. You can view and pay invoices by clicking Billing in My Account.

  • Do you have a minimum usage requirement?

    Some warehouse listings may impose minimum space usage and/or term requirements. We do not require this of warehouse providers.

  • What is the booking fee?

    If your SMP account balance is greater than the $100 minimum, you do not need to make any deposit you book a warehouse. If current balance is below $100, please deposit an amount at least $10 or more to meet the $100 minimum balance.The amount of recharge will be used for subsequent payment of warehouse provider service bills.

  • Do you charge a fee for using your website?

    We do not charge a fee for using our website. The only fee we charge is a 10% commission fee, deducted from the invoice payment you make to warehouse providers. You pay only the invoiced amount and no extra fee.

  • How do I cancel a booking request?

    You may cancel a booking request before service agreement for that request is signed. Click on Transactions under Warehouse Provider in My Account and click Cancel. After service agreement is signed and uploaded, the order cannot be cancelled unless unusual circumstances, determined by us in our sole discretion, are present.

  • How do I post a bidding request?

    Step 1—Post a Bid Request

    Click “Solicit Bids” under “Bidding” (please note you must have an account and be logged in to proceed). Complete the Bidding Request questionnaire. Click “Submit.”

    Step 2—Receive Bids

    Receive bids via email. The email will include the bid terms and a link to the warehouse being offered.

    Step 3—Book the Warehouse

    Select the bid that best fits your needs. Book the warehouse associated with that bid on our platform (the booking process here is identical to the regular booking process).

    Step 4—Delete Your Bid Request

    Once you have booked the warehouse, delete your bid request via “Bid Requests” in “My Account” (so you do not receive additional bids).

  • What is PLUS status?

    We grant PLUS status to warehouse listings that meet our listing standards. Such standards include:

    (1) a minimum of three warehouse photos;

    (2) information about warehouse security and fire suppression;

    (3) information about availability of standard warehouse services, such as palletization, temperature control, racking, and FBA;

    (4) complete and accurate pricing information, including handling and labor fees; and

    (5) availability of at least 50 pallets of space and lease periods of at least 15 days.

  • Do you provide transportation services for goods?

    We do not currently provide transportation services. You can obtain transportation, customs, and trade services from third-party vendors by clicking Add-On Services.

  • How do I add funds to my account?

    Click on Payment Management in My Account. Then click on Make a Deposit. Follow the instructions provided.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept the following payment methods:

    o   Credit/Debit Card (VISA and MasterCard)

    o   PayPal

    o   AliPay

    o   WeChat

    o   Bank/Wire Transfer

    o   Mail-In Check

  • What is the difference between renting by pallets versus renting by square feet?

    You can select a warehouse type by calculate by pallets or by square feet.
    In order to facilitate stacking, loading, unloading, handling and transportation, most of the professional warehousing companies in the United States use pallets as units to charge for the services provided.
    The general specifications of the American pallets are: length X width = 1 meter (40 inches) X 1.2 meters (48 inches), and the cargo stack height is 50-80 inches.
    The platform also provides some warehouses which rent by square feet(self-serve) which is sharing space without restriction for warehouse access.

Lease Method
SWH Plus
Check this box to view only warehouses that meet our PLUS standard. Leave this box blank to view all warehouse listings. Our PLUS standard is determined based on our review of the warehouse's features, services, pricing, and availability.