Bidding System

In addition to improving the rich online query warehouse, the platform also provides the bidding function.

When you have some special warehousing needs, you can fully customize your exclusive warehouse services. We provide a wealth of customization options, such as price range, leasing mode, charging mode, warehousing facilities, necessary service items, special needs filling, etc. Your needs will be seen by thousands of excellent warehouses on the platform. You can easily find the best warehouse in the bidding warehouse, the warehouse that best meets your needs, so the choice is entirely up to you.

Warehouse owners can also actively online view the bidding history of platform users, take the initiative to attack, and explore more potential business and business.

We are committed to "making it easier to rent warehouses".

Lease Method
SWH Plus
Check this box to view only warehouses that meet our PLUS standard. Leave this box blank to view all warehouse listings. Our PLUS standard is determined based on our review of the warehouse's features, services, pricing, and availability.