We are committed to "making it easier to rent warehouses"

Each warehouse lessor

No need to find warehouses through intermediaries or logistics trading companies. Through our platform, we can find warehouses that are most suitable for our own needs directly online, and get lower prices, safer guarantees, better services, faster reservation, and meet more personalized needs.

Advantages of direct transactions by lessors:

1. There is no need to inspect one by one offline, and a large number of high-quality warehouse sources can be viewed online.

2. Remove intermediate links to get cheaper warehousing prices.

3. Compared with offline, the platform has short-term flexible rental mode.

4. The platform has better supporting services than a single warehouse or trading company to meet your various needs.

5. Safe, convenient and fast online booking, flexible payment of bills.

6. Platform for each customer's goods to buy insurance, more secure and reliable.

Every warehouse owner

Remaining space can be easily rented without releasing warehouses through brokers or real estate companies.

Warehouse owners need only a few simple steps to release their warehouse information on the platform according to rentable time, space, price, service items, etc. They can rent the spare space of their warehouse to hundreds of thousands of lessors, and process orders at any time through the background, collect bills, view historical transactions, etc. to make extra profits conveniently and safely.

Advantages of warehouse owners'direct transactions:

1. Without intermediaries, the platform will bring you more potential rental customers free of charge.

2. Making the warehouse unoccupied can also generate profits.

3. Processing orders anytime and anywhere, collecting bills through platform guarantee, and reducing your management costs.

Lease Method
SWH Plus
Check this box to view only warehouses that meet our PLUS standard. Leave this box blank to view all warehouse listings. Our PLUS standard is determined based on our review of the warehouse's features, services, pricing, and availability.