Why a Self-Managed Payment System(SMPS)?

Fee collection is a persistent problem in the warehouse industry. In many cases, warehouse providers either charge a large upfront fee, which warehouse users find difficult to pay, or provide service before any fee is charged, which increases risk of non-collection for the provider. Our SMPS solves this problem. Using our system, billing and payment can be split into installments so that providers can charge, and users can pay, separately for each portion of service. Thus, users are not forced to pay huge upfront bills, and providers are not forced to provide service in advance of any payment. The result is simple, convenient, and low-risk transactions for both parties.

Warehouse Providers

- Minimal payment collection risk.

- No need to conduct credit checks; ability to take on more customers.

- Quick and secure payment process.

- Ability to charge via installments.

Warehouse Users

- Easy and secure payment process.

- No need to provide large, upfront payments to cover uncertain warehouse expenses.

- No need to undergo credit checks.

- Flexible payment management provides you full control.

How does the SMPS work?

How do I establish my Self-Managed Payment Account (SMP Account) ?

You do not need to create a SMP account. Simply sign up an account, and you can see your “Payment Management “under “My Account.”

How do I deposit funds to my SMP account?

Click on “Payment Management ” in “My Account.” Then click on “Make a Deposit” and select your preferred deposit option. Please note you will be charged a 3% fee for credit/debit card and PayPal deposits; ACH transfers are subject to bank fees; there is no fee for check deposits. If you are booking a warehouse for the first time, you will be prompted to make a minimum $10 deposit.

How do I withdraw funds from my SMP account?

Click on “Payment Management ” in “My Account.” Then click on “Withdraw” and select your preferred withdrawal option. Please note ACH and wire transfer withdrawals are subject to bank fees; no fees are charged for check withdrawals (available to U.S. users only).

How does a warehouse provider bill a warehouse user?

Click “My Account,” then click on “Invoices.” Find the order you wish bill, then click “Initiate Invoice.” Complete the invoice form and submit. You will receive pop-up informing you whether the user has sufficient funds to pay the invoice. When user makes payment on the invoice, you will receive a notification in your “Messages” inbox. Please note we will automatically deduct our 10% commission fee from all payments you receive.

How do I pay an invoice?

Click “My Account,” then click “Billing.” Find the invoice in question and click “Agree to Pay.” If you have sufficient funds in your SMP account to make payment, the payment will go through; if you have insufficient funds in your SMP account, you will be prompted to deposit funds. If you do not wish to pay, click “Decline to Pay” and provide a reason for non-payment.

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