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About Share Warehouse

Share Warehouses is an online platform that allows warehouse providers to advertise their idle warehouse space to warehouse users.

U.S. warehouse providers presently have some 3 billion square feet of idle warehouse space. The rise of e-commerce and a shipping-based economy, meanwhile, has generated strong demand for flexibly leased warehouse space. Idle warehouse space can help meet this demand. Difficulties exist with connecting supply of idle warehouse space with demand for such space, however.

This is where we come in. Using our platform, warehouse providers are able to post their idle space online for warehouse users to search for and use. Because providers are renting out otherwise unused space, space is often offered at lower rates and more flexible lease terms than space offered via traditional warehouse leases. We offer warehouse seekers the added benefit of allowing them to directly contract with warehouse providers, saving them the middleman fee. In essence, we foster an online marketplace where warehouse users can find the most efficient, cost-effective solutions for their warehousing needs and warehouse providers can connect with vibrant demand for their idle space.

We hope our platform will be of great service to you and we look forward to bringing the benefits of share economy to your business!

Lease Method
SWH Plus
Check this box to view only warehouses that meet our PLUS standard. Leave this box blank to view all warehouse listings. Our PLUS standard is determined based on our review of the warehouse's features, services, pricing, and availability.