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Our Strengths

For Warehouse Provider:

  • Help you to bring more customers
  • Make use of your the empty space of the warehouse to generate income
  • Lower your management costs

For Warehouse User

  • Large number of high-quality warehouse sources available
  • Significantly less expensive than standard warehousing
  • Short-term and flexible ways of renting
  • Great support services meet your various needs
  • Safe, quick and convenient online booking
  • Insurance included in price for the goods of each customer

Great Warehouse Supporting Services

In addition to the storage of goods, the platform also provides several dozen warehouse supporting services, such as handling, sorting, packaging, and stickers, which are all suitable for users to choose from.
Customize tailor the storage plan best suited to you.
The platform also provides "Extra Service", with a selection of logistics transport, customs clearance, trade and other service providers for your needs.

Cargo Safety Plan

Included in the platform (provided free of charge)a maximum of $5 million in insurance for goods.
If during the process of storage and transportation of the goods they are lost or damaged, the insurance company will (according to the actual survey results of the goods) provide possible compensation once situation is reviewed.
You will also be provided you with great after-sales service. If you need any help, please contact us: 213-352-8888
Leasing Method
SWH Plus
Select SWH“Plus”to view those warehouse spaces that meet our quality standards or unselect SWH“Plus”to see all the warehouse listings. A SWH“Plus”warehouse is a warehouse that meets our standard of quality based on its features, service, price and availability.